Mansfield Buchanan: Better business results through insight-driven teamwork

Who we work with

Exclusively LifeSciences

Mansfield Buchanan works exclusively within the LifeSciences sector, with clients ranging from global FTSE100 companies to growing entrepreneurial enterprises.

The brutal pace of change within this dynamic industry sector challenges every facet of the organisational landscape as businesses strive to enrich their development pipeline, optimise product life-cycle and deliver ever greater value to patients and shareholders. Our clients recognise the long-range significance of investing in the talent within their teams.

In-depth industry knowledge

The classical value chain

Our techniques align with the specific challenges faced by teams right across the Value Chain

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry sector and classical value chain from R&D through to Commercialisation combined with our extensive experience across diverse organisational structures, range of therapeutic areas and global cultures, ensure that the value we bring is uniquely tailored to our client’s distinct need.

Our range of case studies illustrate how our techniques have been applied throughout the world to address a broad spectrum of challenges.