Mansfield Buchanan: Better business results through insight-driven teamwork

Who we are

Our Values

The hallmarks of Skill, Integrity and Experience reflect the values on which Mansfield Buchanan is based.

From the detail within our logo through to how we conduct our business, these fundamental principles drive every aspect of our organisation.

our skill...

lies in how we blend ‘hard and soft’...

Our skill lies in how we blend ‘hard and soft’… how we focus on the strategic imperatives of the business whilst also enabling individual Voices within a team to be heard. It is those Voices that create insight into the key issues and that deliver the honesty needed for meaningful dialogue on the way ahead but it is our skill that ensures that this process is safe, constructive and effective in delivering business-focused outcomes and team success.

Our experience is derived from many years of specialising in the field of change management, organisational development and team performance.

And central to our business ethics is integrity. We commit totally to our clients’ success and place the importance of building long-term, partnership-based relationships with our clients and their teams over short-term gain.

"I created Mansfield Buchanan back in 2004 because I believe so strongly that extraordinary achievement becomes possible - and truly sustainable - when deep understanding of what people really value drives business focus and team engagement. "
Annalise Cowley