Mansfield Buchanan: Better business results through insight-driven teamwork

What we do

The power of insight

Insights are those intangible strands of enlightening information that reveal the subtle but powerful forces that shape perceptions, influence attitudes and drive behaviour.

Insight shines the light on the perceptions and motivations that are intrinsic to each of us as individuals and uncovering these behavioural drivers requires skill, sensitivity and care. The deep understanding that is uncovered creates the scope to respond to the opportunities and challenges faced by business leaders within the LifeSciences sector today.

  • What are the issues that no-one will talk openly about?
  • What is influencing behaviour and shaping our dynamic as a team? Why can’t we be more nimble in how we respond to change?
  • Do we really know what our customers value as well as need?
  • How can we add more value through being smarter about how we use our expertise?

The clients that we work with come with these and many other questions. Our expertise is used to help them to use insight to arrive at answers.

"Having worked as a senior Leader across a range of industry sectors and as a consultant in organisational development for over 15 years now, I am convinced that sustainable success is only achievable if strategy and action is forged through insight and understanding of what really matters to people.

But gaining insight is hard! It is hard because people are rarely asked to think about the forces that affect how they think and feel. They rarely consider what influences how they interact with those around them.

Yet, if this insight can be drawn out from the shadows, Leaders and their teams have an amazingly powerful tool with which to respond with ease to business challenges."
Annalise Cowley