Mansfield Buchanan: Better business results through insight-driven teamwork

What we do

Our approach

We custom design each programme to the distinct needs and cultural environment of our client.

Our methodology has at its core, however, three distinct phases that combine to facilitate a seamless journey for the teams we work with.

Our approach

Business imperatives

Our end-to-end business focus is a primary hallmark of our work. At the start of a programme we work closely with a team’s Leader(s) to assess the business imperatives and broader strategic landscape.

The individual voice

Through confidential, conversational-style interviewing we enable individuals to talk about what is most important to them. Whether they are members of the team or a team’s key stakeholders, our skill and empathy builds the trust necessary to delve deeply into the subtle factors that drive how they feel, act and engage with others.

Bottom-up strategy

The final phase of our programmes draws on the information and insight gained to enable teams to define strategies that meet business needs at both an emotional and rational level, and optimises their strengths as a team in the delivery of this strategy. The format of this final phase invariably involves a fully facilitated and open forum for team discussion and collaboration. Although primarily focused on building strategy, innovative team building events can be integrated into these meetings to help individuals to forge the personal relationships that will underpin their success as a team.

A privileged position of trust

Although our focus is on delivering pragmatic and meaningful business impact, we are highly aware of the fact that the associated journey can be very personal for those involved. We respect the unique position of trust that individuals confer on us and we are always deeply moved and very humbled by the personal feedback that we receive.

" felt like I was extremely privileged to be paid to learn in the most ideal of circumstances – with somebody who really knew what they were doing. Your enthusiasm and approach was like a breath of fresh air for me...."
Team Member quote