Mansfield Buchanan: Better business results through insight-driven teamwork

What we do

Insight-driven success

Mansfield Buchanan enables Leaders and their teams to use the power of insight to deliver business success.

The unprecedented pace and scale of change within the LifeSciences sector creates multiple challenges for business leaders and their teams. Whether it be the need to embed change across global boundaries, drive performance improvement or respond to the compelling need to add ever greater value, Mansfield Buchanan’s expertise enables teams to define and own solutions that deliver powerful business outcomes.

What we do

Our expertise brings transparency to the key issues and behavioural drivers. Our process empowers teams to use this deep understanding to address business need at both rational and emotional levels. Our impartiality, unique skill and commercial acumen drive outcomes that achieve maximum impact with minimal intervention.

Value drivers

Feedback from our clients attests to the three primary value drivers that differentiate how Mansfield Buchanan empowers teams to overcome the challenges that they face:

Delivering measurable business results

Deep understanding of the operational issues and the ‘bigger picture’ strategic context drives high quality actionable outcomes that deliver value and embed sustainable change.

Engaging the emotional dynamics

By drawing on transparency of the emotions and beliefs influencing performance, we create a safe environment for the open and honest dialogue that enables teams to engage fully in building ‘bottom-up’, business-focused strategies. Crucially, this ensures that individuals feel personal ownership of the team actions agreed.

Valued as a trusted strategic partner

Trusted to identify what is really needed and deliver it with a blend of challenge, humour and genuine commitment, Mansfield Buchanan is valued as a strategic partner.

"[MB] fully understands client needs and fully engages the organisation. They take everyone on board and allowed us to improve our process and culture by showing us how the future could look and helping us learn through the experience of the journey we took to get there."
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