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We are passionate about bringing transparency to the emotional as well as business challenges faced by teams and our case studies illustrate how this insight has enabled teams to transform business performance and deliver sustainable success in global LifeSciences.


Empowering women within a world of science - Global Pharma

How can a Women’s Forum work more effectively together to deliver their vision?


Emotional intelligence strengthens team - Global pharma

R&D HR team wish to use power of insight and growing emotional capacity to address tensions arising from increasingly challenging project schedule.

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Learning, standards and insights team - Global biotech

A newly consolidated team of US and UK based in‐house experts must craft their ‘best kept secret’ within R&D into a leading‐edge and powerful global service.

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Portfolio planning & forecasting - Global pharma

A recently integrated team were implementing an ambitious improvement plan. However, wide-spread misperceptions of role and value were obscuring success.

Business Insight group - Global Pharma

Business insight group - Global pharma company

A strategic imperative to fill pipeline gaps within a key TA was driving a need to evaluate opportunities more swiftly and with greater insight than their rivals.

HR strategy in R&D

Global R&D HR - Global pharma

Overcome multiple divides to deliver global HR initiatives and embed change across R&D.

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Top 10 pharma company

Uncover insights into the issues behind employee dissatisfaction expressed through annual survey.

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